Everyone Wins In A Culture of Wellness

Health Plan Advocate specializes in corporate wellness and health management programs. Since 2001, we’ve been helping our clients with wellness services to reduce healthcare costs and improve the health of their members. Our health management services are useful when navigating the healthcare system during illness. Ultimately, we help members achieve and maintain health, and get the most out of their healthcare. Health Plan Advocate offers a wide variety of services to choose from, and is an expert at customizing programs tailored to your needs. We invite you to learn more about the options available to you.

Benefits chart

We Help Take the Challenge Out of Healthcare, HPA:

  • Promotes early intervention, prevention & wellness
  • Educates patients about treatment options & directs patients to quality, cost effective choices
  • Educates members about participating providers for greater savings
  • Lowers claims costs by better coordination of claims payment & managed care process

Wellness Consulting Services Highlights:

  • Consultation to determine objectives of client
  • Establishment & measurement of goals
  • Custom designed wellness programs to maximize productivity & the reduction of healthcare expenses
  • Health screenings & health risk assessments
  • Employee incentive programs & wellness contest management
  • Employee communications campaigns
  • Interpretation of health risk assessment & health screening results with an executive report

Wellness Services

Creating a culture of wellness is the best and most economical way to reduce business healthcare expenses. We identify health risks and develop action plans that promote healthier employees and save on healthcare costs. Over time, HPA services can save its clients money with reduced healthcare and workman’s compensation costs, and less employee sick days.

Our wellness services provide expert resources that offer employers objective and measurable results with high levels of member participation (more than double the national average) at an affordable price. Our staff of certified health care professionals provide support and encouragement to members. Programs we we offer include:

Biometric Screenings

Biometric Screenings provide objective data that is used as a baseline and to track improvement. Standard testing and measurements consist of glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, height, weight, body mass index, body fat percentage, waist circumference and nicotine. Results are instant, providing an opportunity for education.

HPA offers a variety of ways to complete testing including on-site, local labs and doctor offices.


Health Coaching helps members understand their health risks and potential consequences of negative lifestyle choices. The HPA health coach reviews the results of the participant’s health risk assessment and health screening and works with each participant to set wellness goals. The health coach provides encouragement and information on ways participants can improve their health through healthier lifestyle choices in the areas of exercise, diet and smoking cessation. Our coaches are certified through the American College of Sports Medicine.

High Risk Follow Up is a program designed to ensure that members with significant health risks receive needed medical attention and follow-up reducing the number of high risk individuals. A health coach works with members that have risk factors including hypertension, high cholesterol, high glucose, and those that are obese or smoke to make sure they understand the significance of their condition, make lifestyle changes and seek appropriate medical care.

Wellness Challenges are an engaging and fun way to promote a healthy lifestyle and achieve a healthy culture. They encourage people to take action through friendly competition and appeal to the sense of personal and shared responsibility for health. We design programs based on a team approach and offer goals and incentives tailored to individuals at all different points in their health. Programs are available in nutrition, fitness, energy and stress, weight and family. Individually customized programs are also available.

Reporting HPA provides standard reports for all aspects of wellness administration at no charge. Compliance reports are provided to the employer on an ongoing basis for incentive tracking and administration. Individuals participating in the wellness program receive personalized confidential reports based on their results. These reports include the individual’s health age, various health risks, and action steps to reduce each risk. Executive summary reports and analysis are provided to the employer to inform them of the trends and overall health of their employees. HPA will also provide any program change recommendations based on report findings, if appropriate. Ad hoc reports are available upon request. HPA reserves the right to charge for ad hoc reports if needed.

Disease Management is a system of coordinated healthcare interventions and communications for members with chronic conditions such as diabetes, depression, heart disease and asthma. This approach can reduce healthcare costs and/or improve the quality of life for individuals by preventing or minimizing the effects chronic conditions through integrative care. Each member identified is assigned a health coach who provides ongoing service to ensure that participants with a chronic condition understand their disease and receive the necessary care and information needed to minimize its effect on the participant’s health. The health coach works with our nurses and also provides information to help patients identify illness triggers, assesses self-care skill and provide guidance on ways to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness Classes

Effective Ergonomics improves productivity and quality of work, increases comfort, decreases fatigue, and ultimately, reduces the risk of injury. This program includes an analysis of the workplace, an educational seminar for employees and consultation for ergonomic improvements.

Supplemental Programs A high level of employee engagement is a key factor in the success of any wellness program. Helping employers improve the health and well-being of their employees is an ongoing process. HPA will assist in designing and administering programs and events that will help promote a culture of wellness. Programs range in scope from tobacco cessation, health fairs, Weight Watchers and coordinating employee wellness committees. HPA is there to support the success of all your wellness initiatives.

Wellness Classes

Wellness Classes The health team at HPA offers a comprehensive selection of Lunch and Learns that cover topics in the areas of weight loss, nutrition, fitness, stress management, financial wellness, alternative medicine, the mind body connection, pain management and much, much, more. HPA also develops custom classes for topics requested by employers.

Online Support

Wellness Portal Screenshot

We have a wellness portal that can do it all (and more!). Designed to facilitate processes for program administrators and be a one-stop shop for participants, this portal will take your wellness program to the next level.

  • Completely customizable
  • Host Biometrics and has Health Risk Assessment (paper available as well)
  • Objective Based Programs & Compliancy
  • Wearable Device Synchronization
  • Corporate Challenges
  • Points Programs & Rewards/Incentive Store
  • Exercise, Nutrition, Water, Sleep, and Mood Trackers
  • Social Boards
  • Medical Cost Predictor
  • Health Coaching
  • Online Classes
  • Library of Education
  • Mobile

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Health Advocacy Services Include

  • Help with choosing a physician or other health provider
  • Answering questions about your health concerns
  • Arranging needed medical services
  • Second opinion & appeals assistance
  • Billing questions
  • Prescription assistance

Health Advocacy Services

Today’s typical patient needs an advocate on their side to receive the best possible care and assist them in navigating the complex and often bewildering healthcare system. Our Health Advocacy Services are designed to provide a skilled Nurse Advocate to help answer your questions that knows your health plan and the health care system. Our Nurse Advocates provide someone to listen carefully to your concerns and find answers to your questions.

Health Management Services Include

  • Care coordination & case management
  • Stop loss reporting
  • Discharge planning & coordination
  • Home health care coordination
  • Bill negotiation
  • Pre-certification
  • Maternity management
  • Pre-determination recommendations
  • Inpatient utilization review/continued stay
  • Outpatient review (mental health, substance abuse, cardiac rehab, PT, OT, & speech therapy)
  • Hospice review, inpatient & home
  • Durable medical equipment review
  • Skilled nursing facility admissions (SNFs, LTAC)

Health Management Services

HPA works with Third Party Administrators and employers to remove pre-certification requirements and penalties that often confuse and irritate employees and their health care providers.

Our focus is on helping patients achieve positive clinical outcomes and works with providers to eliminate unnecessary and questionable services.

Broker Friendly

Health Plan Advocate features broker friendly programs, please contact us at 616.575.0211 for details.